8th Grade Washington DC Trip

Friendly Reminder, 

Our 8th grade Washington DC trip is almost here and we have a few deadlines approaching.

  • If you have not already paid your trip deposit please do so as soon as possible via EPay or in the front office (Cash Only). 
    • Deposits were due on February 9th. 
  • Students must complete 25 community service hours to assist with payment. Hours must be completed by March 15th or families will be responsible for an additional payment.
    • Example: I complete 15 hours and still we 10. Families will be responsible for the remaining 10 hours at $10.00 per hour therefore an additional $100.00 will be owed.
  • Community service hours can be checked via Skyward in your parent and student portals. 
  • All school fees are due May 10th for all 8th-grade students. Check Skyward for your balance. 

Reach out with any questions!